Testimonials About Our Troy Veterinarians

Read what our clients are saying about us below.

I've trusted Troy Animal Clinic with several of my "babies" for approximately the past 10 years. Couldn't imagine going anywhere else!

- Kathy F.

Awesome practice! Dr. Douglas is so compassionate to the animals and the owners. His staff are top notch!! I recommend Troy Animal Clinic for ALL pet care and boarding!

- Denise G.

I was traveling and the hotel's in the area are not pet friendly. I found this jewel while looking for overnight options for my dog rather than risk a $100 pet fine. They kept my pooch over night, gave her all of her vaccinations and her trifexus that she was due for. The staff was super friendly and the rate was more than reasonable. Thanks so much!

- Rhonda R.

Brought my pit Butch here. They are so good with animals. Very thoughtful and complete check up. They don't charge near as much for a complete visit. Shots for the year, rabies, heartworm check, worm check and weight for about $100

- Shannon P.

I have always been very pleased with the attention you have given Lady. Keep up the good work

- Lloyce B.

My pets have always received the best care here at Troy Animal Clinic.

- Annie F.

While traveling through Troy, our doxie mix, Oliver, had symptoms of bloat. Even though we were not regular customers and showed up without an appointment or even a phone call, the girls got us in immediately.
Dr Hawkins was gentle, thorough and knowledgeable. And he LISTENED.
After appropriate tests, the diagnosis was a complete blockage of Oliver’s GI tract. Surgery removed 3 chunks of chew toy and saved Oliver’s life.
Oliver can get “spicy” when scared or in an unfamiliar situation. Dr Hawkins allowed me to visit and when Oliver wouldn’t eat, let me feed him his own (approved/easily digestible) food.
Oliver is well on his way to a full recovery.
The charges were quite palatable (pun intended) considering the extent of care involved.
My takeaway: Dr Hawkins and Troy Animal Clinic truly have their patients well being at heart.
BTW, Dr Hawkins; your sutures are beautiful on Oliver’s tummy!

- Jennifer B.

The staff was very informative and patient with us during the scary time with our puppy. They were always there to answer questions and explain their treatments.

- Hailey B.

Awesome place. The front desk was very informative and took care of the stray cat that needed medical attention. The Doctor fixed him up and was not outrageously priced!

- Lisa F.

Wonderful, caring staff and team of doctors! Dr. Hawkins, Katy, Michelle and Barbara really made us and our two dogs feel welcome on our first visit as new patients.

- Connie N.

Very nice place . Made us feel welcomed and took good care of us and our fur baby . Would highly recommend this place to anyone . Also their prices were very reasonable.

- Angela D.

I took my aging lab in on a Saturday due to a swollen leg she barely was able to walk. Starting with the staff being friendly, helpful, and organized. The Doctors and I say Doctors because I saw one on Saturday and the other on the following Friday when my dag walked into the clinic with no assistance. Her swelling was down and she is on her way to a complete recovery. Dr. Hawkins my thanks go out to you both for the excellent care you gave to my sweet girl.

- Melisa A.

Caring, knowledgeable, and up-to-date care for your pet. I love that they use an app that helps you track appointments, medications, etc. My dog low key hates everyone except my family (especially men), but he has never had an issue getting check ups here or boarding here (and he's had problems elsewhere). When we go, he runs right inside with no hesitation. That's the most important review for me!

- Laura D.

They are so friendly there. The vets and the staff talked to you and answer your questions. They will tell you everything that wrong and what is not wrong. They are great. We have 3 dogs and they all like it there. I will recommend them to anyone. We love them.

- Wendie F.

Dr Douglas is phenomenal! He's been so incredibly helpful with my fur babies. I've been taking my cats to TAC ever since they were kittens. My male cat(Duckling) had trauma to his left eye as a kitten, prior to me rescuing him, and Dr Douglas has been there to monitor it ever since I found Duckling. Yesterday we had the eye removed and I'm so impressed with the work and the kindness of the staff! I have tried a few animal clinics with my other animals and there's not a single one I trust more than TAC.

- Jessica C.

I cannot say ENOUGH about this clinic!!! Thank goodness they were there for us. While traveling we had an emergency with our 10 year old chihuahua.

They saw her immediately, literally we pulled off the road to their clinic. I feel sure that they saved her, I cannot say how thankful I am to them.

We were treated with kindness by everyone there. My gratitude always

- Fawn M.